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Reduce Meetings, and Make Them More Effective

1. Find ways to communicate information without necessarily getting everyone in the same room or on the same conference call. Such tools as wikis, blogs, and Microsoft SharePoint can help streamline the information-sharing process, turning it into a 24/7 on-demand activity and creating a team “memory” that can be leveraged again and again.

2. How is the decision-making process currently working with your team? Is it ad-hoc or structured and clear to everyone? Is it efficient, or is it taking too long? If you don’t know the answer or are not happy with the answer, further exploration is imperative. Instead of having long meetings with endless decision making discussions, get clear and save time.

3. More can be delegated than most of us would admit, and that includes both tasks and decisions. Instead of spending time with endless group discussions, let the person closest to the issues make the decision. Delegate and then coach to build individual and team skills that can also be leveraged again and again.

4. Develop a results-driven culture. Communicating and discussing objectives is more efficient and leaves room for your team to take initiatives and be creative.

5. Involve your team in the process of making meetings effective. The collective wisdom of the team is likely to prevail and bring about some compelling results.

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