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Here’s to Wine in a Cup

With M&S sales of mini-size and light-weight bottles on the rise world-wide — a more than 25% jump since March of this year alone – the retailer’s winemaker Belinda Kleinig said it was logical to take things “one step further” with ready-to-drink wines from a glass.

Originally conceived for customers going on “impromptu picnics,” in Hong Kong, it could be well-positioned for locals who are known to consume just a glass or two of wine with their meals.

The plastic wine glass itself took 18 months to develop, with all things considered including an “inert filling technology” — in which the oxygen is removed and replaced with an inert, heavier gas — to ensure that the wine in any given cup is not exposed to oxygen and guarantee a longer shelf life. M&S even conducted pressure tests on the cup’s paper seal to make sure it would not leak.

Read the WSJ article

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