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Bar Profit Tip of the Week

Putting in place a workable program for your bartenders on exactly how to avoid over-pouring liquor, how to not pour draft beer down the drain, and how to avoid over-pouring wine will be worth its weight in additional profits.
Oftentimes bartenders deviate from proper pouring techniques due to haste, lack of proper knowledge, or simple carelessness.

What’s at stake for you are lost profits – most importantly lost profits for no reason other than lack of management focus on how to do things the right way.

1) Liquor

For liquor, the biggest causes of over-pouring are your bartenders 1) free pouring and 2) deviating from the drink recipe.

We can’t emphasis enough how much more money you will make if you only allow measured pours. The debate between those advocating free pouring versus measured pours can be heated, but in the end we have found you will earn more money moving to a measured pour policy.

A recent survey from BarBusinessOwner.com showed that over 90% of bar owners require that a drink recipe manual be followed for every cocktail or mixed drink. Following the drink recipe manual is essential for drink consistency and helps cut down on over-pouring.

2) Beer

For draft beer, getting a consistent head on the pour is the result of proper training. Make sure all your bartenders know how to do this. Consider having one of your beer vendors come in and demonstrate to your bartenders the proper way to pour draft beer.

Industry data indicates close to 20% of draft beer is lost due to excess head being poured away. As the bar owner you pay for this lost beer whether it goes to the customer or not.

Make sure your bar is the exception and that you don’t pour more of your potential profits down the drain.

One way to focus your bartenders on how much draft beer is lost each day is to put the drain hose from the draft beer into a five gallon bucket instead of the drain and at the end of the night show them the amount that was wasted.

Once you have their attention you can then cover how to properly pour draft beer.

3) Wine

For wine , a common problem is over-pouring. This leads to lost profits and inconsistent pours where you customers don’t know what to expect. This in turn leads to customers feeling cheated when a proper wine pour is made.

Train your staff on exactly how many pours they should get from each bottle. If needed, place a wine glass out of sight of your customers with the proper pouring level marked with a Sharpie or piece of tape for your bartenders to use as a guideline for proper pouring.

Maximizing profits in a bar is the result of good management. Proper training of your bartenders is essential is delivering both a consistent product without over-pouring or wasting product.

Take action where needed on these three pouring techniques.

Wishing you more profits on your pours!

Source: Barownertips.com

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