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10 Bar Profit Tip’s

1. Use a Quicker Greeting and Seating
You want to greet and then seat your customers in a quick time frame. Check to see where you have room for improvement in this area.

2. Suggest Items That Take Less Time to Prepare and Have Higher Margins
Items with longer cook or preparation times should not be the specials your staff suggests during your peak times. Instead have your staff suggest items that can be prepared and served more quickly.

3. Minimize Trips by Waitstaff by Using the Right Sized Trays
Take a look at the type and size of trays your servers are using and determine if you need to make adjustments here in order to serve orders in one trip. Wasted time going back and forth to the kitchen or bar delays your ability to turn the table quicker.

4. Better Server Training
Do you have a server who is not as efficient as their co-workers? Determine if more training on working smarter should be done. You may want to have you most efficient servers lead this training and share their tips and techniques.

5. Faster Bar Service
If there is hold up in getting drinks from the bar, find out why. It could be you are understaffed, or less efficient procedures are being used, or your bartenders don’t make it a priority to work fast when needed.

6. Better Bussing and Table Setting Procedures
Look for any ways you can clear and reset tables quicker. This area if often where many bars and restaurants have significant room for improvement. You can’t afford to have your least paid and least skilled position determining how many customers you can handle during peak times.

7. Move Equipment Closer to Job to Reduce Time Wastage
Is your bar optimally organized so that your bartenders have everything they need within one step? Look to see what needs to be moved closer to where your staff needs it to be in order to work more efficiently.

8. Have Proper Table Sizes for Your Bar’s Customer Mix
Run a report from your POS that shows the average table size during your peak times. Be sure to factor in any split checks that were closed for the same table about the same time.
Run this report over several weeks to see how well your table mix compared to what your customers actually use. Based on your results, you may need to update your bar’s table mix.

9. Better Table Management
Analyze your seating procedures. Are parties of two being seated at four tops during peak times, leaving two seats unoccupied for the duration of the stay? You should go over with your staff to insure that small parties are not sat at larger tables during your rush.
Table management is a major determinant in how many customers you can handle during peak time frames. Fix any problems with this area right away.

10. Schedule Groups For Non-Peak Times
If you accept reservations, schedule groups of six or more for non-peak times. Groups take longer to serve and usually turn-over much slower, affecting how many customers you can handle during your busiest times.



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