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CBC 2015 by the Numbers

February 11, 2015 Leave a comment

590+ Number of exhibitors. Have a look at our link.  Booth 2346

10,000+ Total attendees expected. Have you registered yet? Early bird pricing ends March 5! Register now. Remember hotel and travel details too!

1 First Timers Meet and Greet hosted by the Brewers Association Event Committee.

80 Seminars offered. Plan your days with the official CBC app!

19½ Hours of BrewExpo America®—now a half-day longer! View the complete schedule here.

10 Seminar tracks to choose from: brewery operations, brewpubs, export development, government affairs, packaging breweries, quality, selling craft beer, start-ups, sustainability, technical brewing.

150 Number of speakers. Check out the online planner for seminar details, speaker bios and more.

Six Symposium/collaboration beers from Oregon breweries. Each attendee gets one randomly pre-selected bottle in their registration goody bag. Bottle trading among attendees is encouraged!

13 Number of hospitality suites. Five on Wednesday and Thursday, three on Friday.

21,000 Oysters provided at Welcome Reception (among other locally and regionally sourced seafood and meat).

Source: Brewers Association


2013 GABF Winners

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Here is the link to the 2013 GABF Winners

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Craft Beer Needs to Get Out More

November 6, 2013 Leave a comment

PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) — As the small brewers who make up the “craft” community already know, their fan base is expanding. It’s drawing more of the exact same type of person, but it’s expanding.
The brewers the Brewers Association craft beer group considers “craft” saw sales grow 15% in volume and 17% in dollars last year even as the entire beer industry grew by less than 1.5% after years of post-recession losses. Craft beer’s retail dollar value surpassed $10 billion for the first time in 2012, while the more than 2,480 craft breweries in the U.S. make up the overwhelming majority of the nation’s 2,538 breweries.

That growth and much of the craft beer industry in general is built on a foundation of white, male Millennials and Gen Xers, according to data released in April by Nielsen . Men make up 72% of the beer market, according to Nielsen, with their drinks of choice increasingly turning to craft beers and cider. While beer-drinking women — who make up just 28% of all beer drinkers — are just about on par with men in their love of cider, they’re about half as likely to pick a craft beer.

Meanwhile, whites are 65.6% of all beer drinkers and are two to five times as likely to pick up a craft beer as folks from any other race or ethnicity. We’ve already mentioned the economic divide between craft beer drinkers and the rest of the beer-drinking U.S., but the Nielsen numbers show craft beer as a cultural niche far more segregated from the average alcohol-consuming market than its surging numbers indicate.


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10 Fastest-Growing Craft Breweries In the U.S.

September 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Written by: Jason Notte 09/11/13 – 8:30 AM EDT

PORTLAND, Ore. (TheStreet) — Just 30 years ago, there were 80 breweries in the United States — the fewest since prohibition. Today there are more than 2,500 and the numbers keep growing.
According to the Brewers Association craft beer industry group, breweries have opened at a pace of roughly 1.15 a day over the past year. The number of breweries in the U.S. now exceeds the previous record of 2,011 set back in 1887 and has leapt by nearly 1,000 breweries since 2009.

While overall beer industry sales grew 1% last year, sales by brewers that the Brewers Association defines as craft — or 2,483 breweries out of a total of 2,538 — jumped 15% by volume and 17% in dollars during the same span. Through July, craft beer sales are up 15.2% in volume and 17.5% in dollars, while overall beer sales are down 1.1%.

With the Washington, D.C.-based Beer Institute industry lobbying group noting that slow economic recovery has taken its toll on large brewer sales and dragged down overall beer sales, there is still a question of just how long craft beer’s growth can be sustained. There’s been a lot of speculation, but continually changing beer and distribution laws and a lack of leveling in craft beer sales numbers have made that unclear.

Continue reading at: The Street

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Craft Brewers Conference

December 3, 2012 Leave a comment

Join us in the nation’s capital. March 26-29, 2013

We’re already looking forward to the 2013 edition of Craft Brewers Conference and BrewExpo America in Washington, D.C. Are you ready? We’ve got some changes in store this year that we think will make the event even better. We hope to see you in March!

New mid-week schedule. This year’s conference runs from Tuesday, March 26-Friday, March 29.
Special Hill Climb event. The BA is organizing a lobbying day for brewery principals to give you a chance to interact with your elected representatives. Make your voice heard!
Welcome reception at the Air and Space Museum. Always a crowd-pleaser, this year’s opening event will be held at an iconic D.C. museum. (Also new for 2013: Due to growth of this event, a separate ticket will be required.)
The biggest BrewExpo America ever with longer hours—9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. on Wednesday and Thursday. The 2013 tradeshow has over twice as many exhibitors as last year.
Registration opens December 6. Don’t miss out on the brewing industry’s annual gathering.

Link to CBC 2013

The Beer War On American Soil

March 29, 2012 1 comment

Disclosure: I love beer. Particularly certain kinds of what the industry calls craft beer. I’m a sucker for a good IPA, or an amber, or a pale ale. For special occasions, there is the expensive stuff. If I’m traveling, I try to discover local brews. And the first swig is one of the simplest great pleasures in life. But for now, I’ll stick to the numbers. And they’re morose for the US beer industry. Yet there is an astonishing exception: craft brewers.

There are a lot of them in the US: 1,989 last year, up 11% from prior year, and up from one in 1976, according to the Brewer’s Almanac. They employed 103,500 workers. 250 new breweries opened, 37 closed—it’s still dog-eat-dog out there; just because you know how to brew a good beer doesn’t mean you get to stick around. The phenomenal re-birth of an ancient industry:

Full article and additional graphics at

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2011 Craft Beer Infographic

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Source: Brewers Association

Link to PDF

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February 24, 2011 Leave a comment

The Brewers Association’s Membership Coordinator and Brewery Detective Erin Glass keeps an eye on brewery openings, closings, transitions and breweries in planning. With so much interest in craft brewing today, there is a lot more detective work and a large number of calls and emails to breweries in planning, those on the cusp and those recently opened.
Many startups join the Brewers Association during the planning phase to access our resources and the expertise of the network and remain members after becoming operational. U.S. operational brewery membership is now at 1,218. Total brewery membership, when international breweries, contract brewing companies and breweries in planning are added, is 1,619.
The count is at 1,701 operating breweries in the U.S. There are 9 percent more breweries in the U.S. than a year ago. As I blow the dust off the historical records, it appears that there were 1,751 breweries in 1900 and 1,498 in 1910. So we have more breweries than we have since around 1905. My resource for these data points is The Register of United States Breweries 1876-1976 (compilers Friedrich and Bull). There certainly are a lot more diverse brewing styles being offered today, particularly by craft brewers, and I’m betting quality is far greater now than then.
At the end of March during the general session of the Craft Brewers Conference, I will present the number of breweries that operated for some or all of 2010, which will be a higher number than the current count, as it will include breweries that closed in 2010. Another interesting number will be the breweries opening count.

Paul Gatza

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Brewed to Perfection

October 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Craft beers help national restaurants give their menus a local feel. By Barney Wolf

There’s Abita Purple Haze and Magic Hat #9, Anchor Steam and Bell’s Hell Hath No Fury, Sam Adams Winterfest and Troegs Dreamweaver.
These and hundreds of other craft and seasonal brews are being downed by Americans at an increasing pace, a trend noticed by more owners of pubs and restaurants.
In fact, the continuing growth of microbreweries and craft beers across the U.S. provides restaurant operators with greater opportunities to use suds to differentiate their businesses from competitors.
“Craft brews are helping beer reclaim its place at the American dinner table,” says Julia Herz, director of the craft beer program for the Boulder, Colorado–based Brewers Association. “People really enjoy craft beer and how it pairs with food.”

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Brewers Association Reports 2010 Mid-Year Growth for U.S. Craft Brewers

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Dollar growth up 12% in first six months of 2010; U.S. brewery count climbs by 100 in last year

Boulder, Colo.•August 2, 2010—The Brewers Association, the trade association representing the majority of U.S. brewing companies, today released strong mid-year numbers for America’s small and independent craft brewers. Dollar sales were up 12 percent in the first half of 2010, compared to 9 percent growth during the same period in 2009. Volume of craft brewed beer sold grew 9 percent for the first six months in 2010, compared to 5 percent growth in the first half of 2009.

Read the complete press release.

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